Nutrition Class Series Kickoff

Nutrition Class SeriesSo, tonight kicks off our Nutrition Class Series that has revolutionized my life and thousands of others locally and millions nationally/internationally. This is where my journey started and where the education really begins for making life long change to maintaining a healthy weight and living a low inflammation and disease resistant lifestyle. Plus, if a “challenge” is what will motivate you, there is a cash payout as well for finishing in the top.

Come discover how to make the best nutritional choices for your health. Proper nutrition can help the body to grow to it’s optimal best either by adding muscle strength or reducing excess fat. Everyone wants to be better. Here’s a great way to learn in a fun interactive atmosphere with up to date information.

Tuesday evenings – at 6:30 pm and Wednesday mornings at 10 am. This 1 hour class runs for 8 weeks with a 9th week Tuesday evening celebration potluck dinner and awards ceremony! Cash prizes go to the top 4 losers!

Questions email or contact Dorris at 616.828.9968

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