Happy Days – Kent Mudie’s Legal 10 min

Kent always gives a fun, nostalgic and informative 10 min presentation. Today’s was a legal breakdown of the characters on the hit show Happy Days.

Here is the famous scene when the central characters visit Los Angeles for 3 episodes away from Milwaukee. In the last episode of “Happy Days” Hollywood: Part 3 (1977), a water-skiing Fonzie (Henry Winkler) answers a challenge to his bravery by wearing swim trunks and his trademark leather jacket, and attempts to jump over a confined shark.

“Jumping the shark” is a pejorative idiom used to describe a moment of television in which there is a gimmick or unlikely occurrence that is seen as a desperate attempt to keep viewers’ interest. The usage of “jump the shark” has subsequently broadened beyond television, indicating the moment when a brand, design, franchise, or creative effort’s evolution declines, or when it changes notably in style into something unwelcome.

Kent Mudie
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