Beware of Email Scams

Beware of email scams coming from familiar people. In one scam I received an email from a client that looked untrusting and suspicious. His email was hacked. My client is located in Chicago. When I looked up the owner of the domain name in the link, I figured out that the host server was located in Nigeria. I even replied to the email saying I think his gmail account was compromised. I received a vague reply back saying “no it is okay, click on the attachment”. You can usually tell a scam when the emails are vague, even if sent from a friend or colleague.

Another scam that you should be aware of is this Gmail Phishing Scam.

Many people do not use sufficiently complex passwords because “They are to hard to remember”. These are the users that get hacked. I would use 2 Step Verification for all your Google email accounts. If you use cloud email service Microsoft Office 365 you should set up multi-factor authentication (MFA).

It is a little more involved because sometimes you have to confirm with smartphone sms, but it is worth it.

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