10-Day Cleanse and Clean Eating Restart​

Thursday March 9th. 7pm-8pm @ Kelly’s House.
4338 Trail East Dr NE, Ada MI. 49301

​A small group and I are ​​doing a quick 10-day cleanse and clean eating restart​. If you want to know more and decide if it’s right for you, please join me. I will have samples of Spark flavors to taste and some great healthy snacks to try along with some recipes to take home with you.

Anyone is welcome, bring a friend if you don’t want to come alone; This is very friendly and casual… will only last an hour at most. My goal is education and answer your questions.

Grand Rapids MI Advocare Distributor

Kelly Domine | 616-550-9918 | Advocare – Nutrition & Wellness Products | kellydomine@gmail.com

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