Spotlight on the Emerald Isle

When I was younger I dreamt about visiting foreign countries.  I imagined touring the Coliseum, visiting movie set locations in New Zealand, and sleeping in a castle in Ireland.  Despite how much fun I knew it would be to travel across the ocean I was always hesitant to pursue it.  I didn’t understand the culture.  I didn’t know any foreign languages, and I definitely didn’t want to get lost down a dark alley somewhere.

It wasn’t until I became a travel agent that I realized it’s not as complicated as I thought!  This whole time I could have simply contacted a travel professional for my travel needs!  Why?  Because we know the best ways to experience dreams.

Take Ireland for example.  This is a location I would love to travel to some day.  From its lush green scenery, to the Cliffs of Moher, and all the castles in between, this country could be a fantastic delve into a different culture.  I love the thought of sleeping in an old castle and enjoying a beer in a local tavern!

Are you hesitant to take the leap to new horizons?  Contact me and we can talk about how to best make your dreams a reality.  I partner with several incredible tour companies whose number one mission is to show you these amazing destinations in a safe, personal, and educational way, and it’s probably much less than you think!

Nick Wallace

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